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Our Story

The answer to the question, ‘Who are you?’ can either be simple or complex, depending on what you want to be known for.

Every day the world keeps progressing. Many things keep changing; smart phones are getting smarter and generally, things are becoming more complex.

In spite of all these changes, nature remains constant. It is still as simple as it always has been, while providing all that man will ever need; food, fuel and medicine.

The desire to slow down on the complexities of life and appreciate and enjoy what nature provides, in its raw simple form inspired the making of Afrik Supplies.

Our Inspiration

Our story is a pretty simple one. Day in, day out, trees are being cut down, forests, wildlife and aquatic life are being destroyed to make room for more advancements of mankind. Gradually, we are becoming more and more distant from nature and what it has to offer. While advancements are also good for us, we must make a conscious effort to preserve our environment while at and allow ourselves the opportunity to enjoy its benefits.

Growing up in Ghana, nourished by foods made purely from organic ingredients, treated with local herbs whenever we fell ill, and practicing traditional therapy for relaxation, skin & hair care, we became more in tuned with nature and enjoyed greatly what it has to offer.

As time passed, we grew, things began to change, modernity brought about new improved ways of doing things. These also translated into processed foods, medicine and products that came in cans and plastic containers. Waste could no longer decay as before because everything had become less organic. Gradually, we lost touch with nature and truly enjoying what it has to offer.

But what if we could find a way to incorporate advancements with our nature, while preserving the environment and enjoying fully what nature has to offer?

Our Becoming

Motivated by the desire to go back to how things used to be, back to our roots, back to basics for the things that made us healthier, guaranteed quality results and kept our environment and nature safe, while embracing the advancement of mankind, we started Afrik Supplies.

First, to help protect the environment from nondegradable materials by packaging our products in recyclable materials

Second, to bring nature to our advanced settlements away from nature by providing raw, natural and organic products for hair, skin, food and medicine.

Thirdly, to create and be a space where anyone seeking raw, natural and organic products can come to, rest assured that their needs will be met.

And so for us at Afrik supplies, our answer to the question “who are you?” is this; we are a brand that believes strongly that with nature, we are completely sorted. No complexities, just pure simplicity.

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